Kovel Foundation (A Trust by the Indigenous People for Research on Sustainable Technologies) has been registered as a trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882, on February 28, 1994 with its headquarters at Visakhapatnam with the support of Girijan Cooperative Corporation Limited, Visakhapatnam. The trust has been setup by Girijan Non-Timber Forest Produce Collectors associations across Telugu states. The trust provides extension, professional and management assistance/services to tribal natural/forest produce collectors and their improved livelihoods, lives & wellbeing.


Improve the livelihoods, wellbeing & quality of life of forest dependent tribal families in Telugu states & outside.


  • By 2044: All forest dependent tribal families in Telugu states with annual real income not less than 01 lakh/family.
  • By 2025: 0.1 million tribal families directly in Telugu states with increased annual income of Rs. 50000/family.
  • 01 million tribal families indirectly through partnerships and support in India & outside.
  • South Asian Resource Centre (s) of excellence in forest dependent tribal livelihoods.
  • Saturation, Collectivization, Convergence, Collaboration, and Communitization
  • Portfolio of Livelihoods & Value Chain

  • Faith n Respect
  • Integrity (Human, Social, Ecological)
  • Transparency n Accountability

Current Situation:

Kovel Foundation has been directly working with around 32,000 families and indirectly around 3,54,000 families, training and skill development to 600 youth, 991 SHGs (as of July 2018). These tribal families are on an average income of Rs.55,000/- per year.