Partnerships have remained an opportunity to strive hand in hand for a common goal, complimenting each other with their skills, resources and ideas. It has proved to be an important ingredient when it came to deliver not just good but great works with all the different expertise coming to a platform to give their contributions to an endeavour.

In this journey Kovel has services, learned and benefitted from several partnership, also, provided exceptional values to the partners. We have received and rendered extensive support from various government organisation, NGOs, Public organisation, PRIs, Business organisations and Banks with the expertise for purposes like R&D, value addition, marketing, technological interventions, resource persons, innovations, finance, knowledge joint planning, capacity building and linkages. The most important outcome of the partnerships is the improved quality of service that we could provide benefited the members and community. Which is the actual moto of this existence. It is a now an important part of the strategic plan to strengthen the bonds with the existing partners as well as grow in dimensions, convergences exploring scope, partnering, joint planning, facilitating community to demand, higher level convergence meetings/commitments/monitoring both at micro and macro level for better and effective approach.